Cross-posted from my knitblog because it’s exciting: Knitgrrl got its first magazine review!

So…the deadline for my third book was met yesterday, but not without serious caffeine damage to most soft tissues in my body. Using a spinner’s yards-per-pound calculation, and the weight of the box I sent to the publisher, I determined there was almost 4 miles of yarn in the box. No wonder I’m tired!

On top of that, I got the first sales figures for Knitgrrl…it’s selling well, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy 10 copies to use as stocking stuffers this year.

(Shameless, I know! I’ll be signing them at Bazaar Bizarre this weekend, by the way).

And now it’s back to work for me…it never ends!

Best warning everWarning: unattended children will be given two shots of espresso and a puppy.

Warning: unattended Shannons will be given two shots of espresso, a puppy, a Red Bull, a coffee, a can of Canadian Coca-Cola with real sugar in it (not that corn syrup garbage), another shot of espresso and another can of Red Bull, some more Coke, something to soak up the rapidly spreading acid pool in her stomach and maybe a bite of lunch around 4:00 p.m. if she’s lucky.

Margaritas come later.

It’s deadline day at Casa Bitter. Can you tell?

Could this week get any better? Seriously.

First Bauhaus, then Bazaar Bizarre gets a mention in the Plain Dealer’s pdq section. Thanks, George, for for pointing that out! (I think Scene will be previewing BazBiz this week, too). There are a few last-minute adds to the vendor list, which I’ll hopefully get onto the site before Thanksgiving, but I have to pack up and send book #3 / associated materials to the publisher tomorrow before I can do that.

Last but not least, my second book (see the sidebar) just got listed for preorder on Amazon.

And to think, I haven’t even managed to make it out of my pajamas today. Can you blame me?


See my full photo set of the Bauhaus show on Flickr.

Babies born near Northampton, England in the years 1953 – 1957 were no doubt injected with some miraculous, strange substance that retards aging, causing said babies to remain utter hotties far into their late 40s and early 50s. Find me the doctors who delivered all four members of Bauhaus, and I’ll put the plastic surgeons out of business!

(Namely Peter Murphy, Daniel Ash, David J and Kevin Haskins. See also the official sites for Peter, Daniel, David, and for Kevin’s Messy Music).

To prove this theory can’t be attributed to the usual excuses, such as a Dorian Grey-style pact with the devil, observe fellow 1950s-Northampton-born comic book genius Alan Moore. Although he did play in a one-off band with David J called the Sinister Ducks, so perhaps Satanic youthfulness pacts can rub off on subsequent bandmates.

Last night, Bauhaus played the venerable Cleveland Agora. Though not their first tour since breaking up in 1983 (they also did some shows in 1998), this tour is remarkable. Unlike other bands who just won’t stop (I’m looking at you, Rolling Stones!), Bauhaus never fell prey to annual-tour-to-fill-the-coffers disease. Sure, Peter Murphy made solo albums, as did Love and Rockets (essentially Bauhaus minus Peter), but neither milked the last drop of blood from their fans. We were waiting for this tour, and it delivered.Peter Murphy

Back in April, Bauhaus played Coachella. I get the feeling show reviewer Jonah Flicker is considerably younger than me from his statement: “Still, the surprise of the night, Bauhaus outshone many of the higher-profile acts at Coachella this year. And the competition was fierce: Wilco, Spoon, Keane, the Kills, Weezer, Coldplay…”

Excuse me? You’re comparing Weezer to Bauhaus? Weezer?!?! On what planet is Weezer higher-profile than Bauhaus? They’d sooner slap those babyfaced, fake-Elvis-Costello-glasses-wearing losers than share a stage with them. Peter Murphy makes bowel movements more interesting than Weezer. But I digress…and display my clear bias. (Hey, I’m not on the MSM payroll, I’m entitled).

David J & Peter Murphy
Before we left for the show, my boyfriend and I shuddered: would we be the oldest people at the show? Thankfully, no. Usually, when you go see a band that you’ve loved for more than half your life, you end up surrounded by 18-year-olds yelling for the only song they know. I pictured Phantasy refugees with dyed black hair screaming for “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” until I ended up decking one or more of them. But not last night.

The band hammered their way through every back catalog-highlight you’d hope to hear them play (see set list below). Peter Murphy’s elegant voice, a voice that could read the telephone book and make it sound interesting, was in fine form.

(If this is to be believed, when Daniel encountered Peter five years after they’d first met, he suggested forming a band. “Rigging up a makeshift rehearsal space, Daniel played an Echo 12 – bar blues, while Murphy sang a series of newspaper articles.” My point, she is proven. Hand that man a telephone book and you’ve got a box set in the making).Daniel Ash

Daniel Ash, wearing a sleeveless shirt that only served to emphasize his beautifully toned…ummm, guitar. Yes, guitar…well, let’s just say that my previous statements about aging well are only too true with Daniel Ash. Even his hair, although slightly lower than, say, Love and Rockets-era Ash, remains seriously rockstar. His playing has improved with time while retaining its rougher stylistic edges. No overly-slick production here. Same goes with David J and Kevin Haskins: by providing an absolutely solid rhythmic canvas on which Peter Murphy could paint his magnificent vocals, every song was captivating, not even a “merely average” one in the set and its two encores.

And what encores they were! Although not sung upside down like a bat, a la Coachella, Murphy managed to make even Bela extraordinary. I have heard “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” more times than I can count, and yet I was absolutely transfixed…as if it were an entirely new song they were just introducing to the crowd. That takes serious skill. Murphy has been accused of prima-donna-dom, but the man’s earned it. He’s got the chops to back it up; they all do. If you read reviews of their live discs, such as Press Eject And Give Me The Tape, it’s always noted how astonishingly close Bauhaus live versions are to their studio-born brethren…without backing tapes or the other standbys so commonly used today (Do I even have to invoke Jessica Simpson here? Or Milli Vanilli? You’ve heard it all before).David J

Kevin HaskinsI’ve been fortunate enough to witness some really amazing concerts over the years: from Robyn Hitchcock in the acoustically-amazing chapel at Oberlin College, to last year’s Pixies reunion shows and, dare I say it? almost every single Depeche Mode show ever. However, I have never witnessed a show as impressive as this. Everything was spectacular: the venue, the lighting, the music, the band…even the fans, who were clearly enjoying themselves as much as we were. My boyfriend informed me that David Bowie once said that Bauhaus plays “Ziggy Stardust” the way he should have. To that, I have to say that Bauhaus plays entire shows the way they should be played.

Set list follows…

Bauhaus, Cleveland Agora, 19 November 2005:

Burning From the Inside
In the Flat Field
A God In An Alcove
In Fear of Fear
Terror Couple Kill Colonel
Swing the Heartache
She’s in Parties
The Passion of Lovers
Silent Hedges
Kick in the Eye
Hollow Hills
Rose Garden Funeral of Sores (John Cale cover)
Stigmata Martyr
Hair of the Dog
Dark Entries

Encore one:
Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Encore two:
Slice of Life
Telegram Sam (T. Rex cover)
Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie cover)

This just makes my book deals and TV appearances look like chopped liver! My beloved former roommate Eiffelene has won the MTV Supahstar search! Check it out here.

27-year old hotelier Eiffelene “Eif” Salvador towered above a dozen other contestants and took home the grand prize of PHP 100,000.00 in cash [about USD $2000], an endorsement contract with main presenter Premiere Condoms and a talent contract with MTV to host a season of the TV network’s hit reality makeover show, MTV Get Hitch’d. Eif’s bubbly presence also earned for here the special award for Premiere Personality.

She certainly does have a premiere personality! I love you, Eif, and I’m so proud!

And to think, once upon a time I had an MTV personality cooking me Kaiserschmarrn for Christmas breakfast… (I’d post the photo I have of her wearing lingerie on her head that Christmas-present-opening morning, but that’s just mean).

Definitive proof there is a deity out there who loves, love, loooooves me: I landed a photo pass for the Bauhaus reunion show tomorrow! What is it with me and reunion shows? Hey, no complaints here. Should I wear my Bela Lugosi shirt? The one my dad got from his friend who worked at Record Revolution in the early 80s, not one scored at, oh…Hot Topic or something. It’s in surprisingly good shape for being 20+ years old.

Now, if only I could score a photo pass for Depeche in Chicago…the tickets are on the fridge, I just want to take my camera. Mrrrow.

Welcome to the 21st century! Hurray! Although it saddens me I no longer live near a really killer indie record store like, say, the former Hi-Fi Records in Jamaica Plain (Boston) —

[And let me interject, oh Clevelanders, who will inevitably say “Well, what about Record Revolution? What about My Generation?” Dude. Have you been to either one lately? Seriously. No longer the good, and kinda the suck. It’s not like back in the day when there was the record annex on Lee Rd with lots of crazy 12″ vinyl rarities, and even the Shoppe in Berea — the frickin’ Shoppe, casa di lame-o yuppie future garage sale material — carried decent music]

— I can now get my favorite indie bands on iTunes! (Kickass indie distro CDBaby was one of the first ones to get their albums onto iTunes, if I remember correctly).

And so, after many a digression above, please allow me to point you to the fact that Soltero’s new album Hell Train is available on iTunes. Buy it, you’ll like it. These tunes have been around for a few years (as with many bands, they were played and perfected night after night in the clubs), and they’re solid. If you want to be old-timey, you can order the actual physical CD directly from the label, too.

My former roommate Eiffelene (you may remember her from the MerFriends photo linked here…she’s the hottie on the left) got into the MTV SUPAHSTAR 2 finals. From 400 candidates, she’s one of only 10 for her city. The winner will be co-hosting the 2nd season of “Get Hitched” on MTV Philippines.

Vote for her here. You can vote every day until the 17th. Come on, internets. Vote for Eif, it’ll take you three seconds, it’ll make her very, very happy, and it’s good karma. Plus, she’s the sort of person who’d take a gig like this and transform it into international superstardom. You can say you knew her when…

Bazaar Bizarre! Yay! (Or as a Bostonian would say it, “Bazaah Bizaah”)

Cleveland’s BazBiz, organized by yours truly, will be taking place Saturday, 26 November from noon – 9 p.m. and Sunday 27 November from noon – 6 p.m. (with a special preview Friday night during the Assemble Gallery holiday showcase from 7 – 10 p.m.)

Just like last year, all the action takes place at 1300 Gallery. (Read 2004’s post-show roundup).

I posted the 2005 vendor list today. Waiting for a few more payments/confirmations, but that’s most of them.

Also, Greg der Ananian, one of the original founders of Bazaar Bizarre Boston and current organizer of BazBiz LA will be in Cleveland to sign copies of his new book Bazaar Bizarre: Not Your Granny’s Crafts during the show.

Clevelanders, keep an eye on the Scene — Michael Gallucci interviewed Greg (and me) about the book, the show, etc. Should be interesting.

As soon as the Cleveland event is over, I get to pack up, drive to Boston and sell at their show, too! It’s going to be another crazy few weeks, I suspect…but worth it. Look who I get to hang out with in Boston!

Never have so many people taken the phrase “so sue me!” so seriously…

A commenter on Bitch Ph.D. has started a commotion…apparently she banned some people from commenting in accordance with her stated comment policy, and made mention of IP-spoofing in the context of said banned commenters attempting to circumvent the system…and now, the commenter’s trying to sue for libel. My comment to him? Here.

Y’know, here’s a little advice if you decide to get all miffy about something on the internets. If you want to protect your good reputation, don’t get into a big huff and start screaming “lawsuit!”, because chances are you’re just making yourself look worse. As I stated in my comment — employers are lazy. Do you think they’re going to wade through every reference to you in a Googlesearch, especially if many of them look negative on a brief scan? Even he states, in this post: “However, in the age of Google, the ability of hiring departments to locate these pejorative comments are great.”

Yup. And it’s not like you can hire someone like My References to see what your employment references are saying about you to potential employers…it’s out there for everyone to find, and the last I checked, you can’t exactly get information you dislike or disagree with deleted from the internet. Umm, ever.

There’s always going to be someone who remembers the stupid thing you did, with or without the internet. The HR person might not know Google from a hole in the ground, but her sister could’ve been Dooce’s college roommate who told her all about the dangers of blogging…who knows? Swift Boat moments, waiting to happen.

Something like this could stretch on forever, becoming a big ol’ internet joke. “Deignan’d” could be the Urban Dictionary’s new “Dooced” when referring to libel suits.

Me? I stand behind everything I write. I defend myself if I feel I’m being attacked unjustly for something I’ve written, whether in comments elsewhere or here. But I don’t run crying to the courts for justice. He shouldn’t, either.

[update, 14 Nov: a good, and very reasonable roundup of the whole mess here…and Deignan himself has been going after people posting items in Wikipedia about l’affaire Bitch Ph.D…]