If this next link was

If this next link was a Whitney Houston song, it would be that “It’s Not Right, But It’s OK” one… the Ben and Jerry’s Pint Lock system. A little padlock designed to keep your housemates out of your ice cream supply. Oh dear.

In happy fun news, got invited to a party in Vermont next weekend, and so may actually get to tour the Ben and Jerry’s factory at long last. Expect snappishness and extra-bitter all week as I fast in preparation. Ha!

I’m off to Maine this weekend to go to the Common Ground Country Fair with Julie, or, as I am already calling it, the “dirty hippie fair”. My parents enjoy quoting South Park’s Eric Cartman whenever possible. Perhaps because it’s so applicable to my family (artists all), we particularly enjoy that little phrase of his. My parents were dirty hippies. Did I ever mention that my parents met in art school? Except my mom spent more time painting new patterns on her clogs every day than she did working on actual schoolwork, so she ended up dropping out. The movie Grease brought you the term “beauty school dropout” — well, my mom was an art school dropout. Uh-huh.

I blame them for the whole stockbroker thing.

Because children of stockbrokers run off and become artists, and the reverse is, unfortunately, also true…

Fortunately, I wised up. And now I am back to following in the artsy tradition of my forebears.

One sample event I am excited about this weekend at the fair: Medicinal Mushrooms of Maine.

Oooooh boy. Of course, you’re talking to the girl who took Medicinal Plants of Ohio and Biointensive Agriculture (half of that class was spent digging up dirt in the community garden in a special way) to fill her college science requirements. I’ve got a weird notion of fun.

What’s the strangest class you ever took in college? Title and/or content?

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