The wrong mantras. I’m

The wrong mantras. I’m fond of…

In with the good things [inhale], out with the good things [exhale] – since we all know the same pair of lungs handles both inhaling and exhaling.

McSweeney’s lists sometimes make me laugh so hard I nearly asphyxiate myself.

Naughty DNS still not fully populated. It is just asking for a spanking.

Bizarre cosmic coincidences: Matt Welch commented that if he had to narrow his magazine subscriptions down to two, he’d pick the New Yorker and the Economist. On the T this morning, I was thinking to myself that of all the magazines I really, really like, the two I like the most are the ones for which I have never had a formal subscription. Those two? the New Yorker and the Economist, of course. Though fortunately I can raid my aunt’s New Yorker stash when I go to Maine.

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