I belong here! I

I belong here! I really do! This website tells you which U.S. cities you’d like living in based on your answers to questions about culture, weather, activities and more. Boston ended up one of my top choices…hey, it’s all scientific and stuff, who am I to argue? Most of the other cities they selected for me were in Oregon. Funny, since I almost went to school there.

When I was 16 (I graduated a few days after turning 17), I narrowed my college pool down to Reed in Portland, all-girl Smith College here in Massachusetts, and Ohio U. I decided to put myself in as little debt as possible, and within a 4-hour drive of free laundry. Mmm, free laundry. If there’s one thing I miss more than anything about Ohio, it’s having my own washer and dryer. Can’t wait to buy another house for that reason alone. Is there anything sweeter on this earth than sheets straight out of the dryer? I think not.

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