Can’t figure out what

Can’t figure out what to get me for Christmas, my birthday, or just because? Check out this site. I am particularly fond of this shirt. I may not be in tech support anymore, but I still bear the emotional scars. Christian says I am difficult to shop for – au contraire, mon frere! Perhaps I should I make my own online gift registry so everyone won’t be limited to Borders gift certificates and cash. I just might.

C’s magic rabbit Thumper would like this new blog.

Someday I am going to be a clothes horse: eBay seller Voluptuous Vintage, enoki world, and Vintage Vogue will be my clothing suppliers of choice, with a few Geiger and Loden-Frey originals thrown in for that Alpine Girl look (see also ca. 1995 me). Fluevog and Madden will do the shoes, M.A.C. and Clinique the maquillage. Until then, I’m just going to wear a l
ot of black and hope for the best.

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