The most glorious news

The most glorious news on another Plainsong kind of rainy day (see 12 Oct entry). Last night Tamas successfully copied all information off the hard drive from my dead Powerbook! He is my Mac Daddy / Mac Jedi. Though it was poor Christian who had to deal with me on the phone as I was trying to plug the adapter into the drive… “So, where is pin 1 again?” (interrupt, interrupt)

I almost drove him crazy. He puts up with so much. As Aunt Debbie said after my surgery, “he’s a saint for taking care of you…” What, did she drive up from South Carolina and hide in the cupboard? I am a very bad patient. Incorrigible. A pain sissy: you can use my remarks as a sort of countdown timer to when my next painkiller is due – they get nastier as time runs out. I could also very easily be called many other unrepeatable things.

After some acupuncture research tonight for my article, I’ll be sequestered at home playing with my 8500, which is arriving today. Then, as soon as Tamas does my new system build, I will be starting on my first Bad Novel. Kayt and I are participating in National Novel Writing Month in November. I have promised Tamas once the machine is done I will play quietly by myself for a while, as he is going back to being an Artist. Good. He’s immensely talented, he should.

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