Christian is making it

Christian is making it very tough for Tamas to maintain his coolest-boy-on-earth status. When my laptop died, Tamas and I popped the case open, only to find a strange little connector from the hard drive to the motherboard. (This was after a half-day search for a Torx T-8: say what you want about Sears, but at least they sell strange screwdrivers separately and I didn’t have to get an entire set). So much for immediately transplanting it into an external drive and getting my data that way.

Christian contacts some German hackers, who promptly supply us with the pin-out configuration, and then he calls Black Box (the best computer supply place on earth). His guy there could have made an adapter from scratch, but he referred us to a supplier who has them ready-made instead. No more pointless bidding on eBay for old 5300s! Better still, one of the local computer stores who deals with that supplier has one in stock and I’m going to pick it up tonight. Glee!

Some girls get flowers for Sweetest Day – I get a 44 pin female to 40 pin male 2.5″ to 3.5″ hard drive cable adapter with power adapter attached. I like it better that way.

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