Matt Welch has a

Matt Welch has a modest proposal for George Soros, one of my other favorite Hungarians, and I agree with him entirely.

Meanwhile, got my cast off yesterday, and I have an immense surgical scar running around my elbow like a freight train on crack. I said to Dr. Shaffer “what? you couldn’t cut a straight line?”, whereupon he informed me that had he cut it straight, I’d have scarred much worse. Don’t see how that could possibly be, but it has something to do with scar tissue bands, which are not my area of expertise. Yet. If I have to have a wildly disfigured arm, maybe I’ll have something tattoed over it as a top-secret disguise. Judging from its current shape, a dragon or a snake would be good, though a phoenix would be most appropriate. Rising from the ashes of my formerly Bob-Dole-hand self into a new and better me.

Christian made orange crepes. They are lovely. Here’s the recipe. So talented, that one. Going to go eat some more now. Recovery nourishment…really.

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