Glee! My Bauhaus show review was chosen a Blogcritics Pick Of The Week! Why?

Concert Review: Bauhaus Live(s) was Shannon Okey’s contribution to Blogcritics on Nov. 20. Complete with photos of the show, she gave a detailed and expressive review that put the reader in a front row seat.

Awww. That made my day! Also on my joy-radar: the fact that I’m finally going to have a chance to curate this show I’ve been wanting to do forever, due to a sudden, fortuitous opening on the calendar over at 1300/Assemble. It should be up in January; more details as they become available. What a way to celebrate your 31st birthday — perhaps the show should open on the 6th for that reason? Hmmm…

By the way, I’ll probably be selling stuff from my shop at the AllGoSigns event this weekend. Stop by!

One final bit of linky goodness: the sort of morning I wouldn’t have even been surprised by less than a few years ago. There are server rooms at some local IT firms that can tell some tales, that’s all I’m sayin’…

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