News du jour: I’m

News du jour: I’m working on an article about (Ohio) House Bill 341, which requires that acupuncture practitioners be licensed by the state. Not all of the acupuncturists here in Cleveland are properly licensed – so there’s your scandal angle. The Free Times is interested in publishing it, so I must get started, despite my current lack of computer. Kayt’s sending me the 8500 today, and her birthday is at the end of the week…so send a card or a present to her. She deserves it.

Going out for sushi tonight with Sushi Boat Captain Sean Morgan for his birthday. This time last year I was in NYC at Nobu, consuming multiple bits of Iron Chef Morimoto’s spicy tuna with Kayt. Alas, tonight we’ll be taking off our shoes at Ginza instead. These pajamas would be a good thing to wear – after drinking enough sake to be worthy of the Iron Chef drinking game, I’m sure bed will be it for me.

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